If diet and exercise aren’t cutting it, try one of the best forskolin supplements. This natural plant extract can rev up your metabolism. It can help you feel more energetic and build lean muscle mass.

Forskolin comes from an Asian plant in the mint family. It’s an Ayurvedic remedy for various health conditions including asthma. In early clinical studies, male participants who took forskolin lost more fat than those who took a placebo. And female participants were able to avoid gaining weight while taking it.

As always when starting a new supplement, make sure it doesn’t conflict with any medications you are currently taking. For example, forskolin may interact with high blood pressure drugs like beta blockers.

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You want to be focused, at the top of your game. So leave brain fog behind. It’s time to improve your memory and clarity of thought. Take one of the best nootropics supplements and get that elite performance you crave.

There is a wide range of supplements that are considered nootropics. We’ve selected several of the finest and reviewed them here for you. We hope you find exactly what you want in our article today.

Before we begin, there are a couple of things you should know. Yes, TV shows like “Limitless” portray nootropics as miracle drugs. But there are real people who rely on them to stay ahead of the competition. Persons as diverse as MMA fighters, CEOs, and professional poker players enjoy the mental boost they get from these supplements.

Next, it’s wise to get the advice of your doctor before starting a new supplement. This is to make sure that there’s no conflict with any medication or health condition you may have.

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You don’t have to eat a lot of curry to reap health benefits from turmeric. It’s easy to find the best turmeric curcumin supplements in capsules, too.

This Asian herb has been a staple in Indian Ayurvedic medicine. Now, modern studies show that curcumin, the bright yellow compound in turmeric, reduces inflammation and pain from arthritis. It might slow down some types of cancer growth. Plus, it appears to support a healthy digestive tract, relieve depression, lower cholesterol, help with weight loss, and treat viral infections. More testing is needed to be sure, but early results look good.

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Is your goal to be fit? Do you want to feel better, sleep better, and build bigger muscles? Then use one of the best amino acid supplements to boost your performance.

Nine of the 20 different amino acids are essential to your health. Of these nine, none of them can be made by your body. You need to include them in your diet.

Eggs, meat, and poultry are rich in these essential amino acids. And so are amino acid supplements that allow you to increase your intake without consuming extra calories.

We selected the top supplements and reviewed them here for you. We hope our article streamlines your shopping today.

Before we begin, here’s a quick overview of those nine essential amino acids and what they do for you.

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Studies show that ingestible collagen makes skin supple and younger-looking. It can speed up healing and alleviate arthritis. Plus, it can help build muscle mass. These exciting discoveries are the reason why people are buying the best collagen supplements.

So how can you know which brand or type fits your needs? To begin, you need to consider safety. Choose products that are tested for toxins. For example, many collagen supplements come from animal parts which could be contaminated with heavy metals. Those from bovine sources could carry mad cow disease.

Therefore, look for supplements made from free-range animals or ocean-caught fish. Then check that they are verified by third-party laboratories.

Next, consider what types of collagen you want. To illustrate, there are several different kinds derived from skin, cartilage, and more. To avoid digging into specifics, simply look for hydrolyzed collagen made from bones. This protein-packed powder is the most popular option. Moreover, it dissolves well in liquid.

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Are you on the keto diet? If so, you may benefit from the best ketone supplements. Athletes take them too. They help your body stay in ketosis to keep burning fat. This is excellent if you’re trying to lose weight.

There are two kinds of ketones. The first type is endogenous, or the ones that your body makes naturally. The other kind is called exogenous, those from an external source like supplements or food.

The theory behind supplementing with ketones is threefold:

  • the extra ketones help you reach and maintain ketosis to burn fat faster
  • they can balance out extra carbs plus reduce your appetite
  • the supplements may enhance athletic ability and muscle recovery as well as mental focus

It sounds great on paper, but there hasn’t been a lot of research completed yet. Early studies tested with ketone esters, not the ketone salts found in most of the supplements on the market. The esters are more powerful– they work within a few minutes, not an hour. But they taste even worse than the salts and they are difficult to buy.

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The best omega-3 supplements can keep your heart healthy. Omega-3 fatty acids lower the likelihood of suffering a heart attack or stroke. They keep plaque from accumulating in arteries and lower blood pressure. Additionally, they reduce triglyceride levels.

Other studies reveal that omega-3 may also be useful for treating rheumatoid arthritis.

How can you get enough of omega-3 fatty acids in your diet? The US government recommends eating 8 ounces or more of seafood each week. On the other hand, you can simply take fish oil or a similar supplement.

Which type of seafood is best? Coldwater fish that are high in fat like salmon, sardines, tuna, mackerel, and lake trout have larger amounts of omega-3 fatty acids. That’s why many of the fish oil supplements for sale are derived from these kinds of fish.

How much omega-3 is safe to take in a day? The American Heart Association says that 3 grams or 3000 milligrams are the usual limit. Any more than that increases the risk of bleeding as omega-3 reduces blood clotting.

What kinds of side effects are there? People who take fish oil supplements sometimes find they burp a fishy taste, experience nausea, or have loose stools. Fortunately, most modern formulations diminish the unpleasant flavor. Moreover, it’s wise to start with a half dose to see how well your body tolerates the supplement.

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Have you ever tried zinc lozenges to shorten a cold? But that’s not the only way you can get this essential mineral. It also comes in tablets capsules, chewable vitamins, and liquid form. No matter how you take them, the best zinc supplements boost your immune system and more.

You may already be getting enough zinc in your regular diet. It’s found in foods like whole grains, red meat, and beans. Even your breakfast cereal might be fortified with it.

But if you’re a vegetarian, currently breastfeeding, or dealing with Crohn’s disease, you may not be getting enough zinc from your meals. The same is true for people with rheumatoid arthritis.

What does zinc do for your body? It helps wounds heal faster, it improves reproductive health, and even assist in having a normal sense of taste and smell. Some men take zinc to treat their prostate, too.

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Saffron is a new proprietary nutritional supplement that helps look after your eyes in age related macular degeneration. It is made for everyday protection. Saffron has widespread traditional uses. Saffron has many benefits to your health and can help with a number of different ailments but most commonly, helping to repair eye health and helping to fight anxiety and mild to moderate depression.

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