The 17 Best Calcium Supplements for Pregnancy 2019


It is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle even before you fall pregnant but it is even more important to stay healthy for the duration of your pregnancy so I have gathered some information and comprised a list here of the best supplements on the market.

Top Calcium Supplements for Pregnancy

So please take a look at the best calcium supplements for pregnancy here in this list.

Nutrifect Nutrition Naturelle Health’s Daily Essential Prenatal Vitamins. 90 capsules

You get your recommended daily dose of Folic Acid in these supplements along with Calcium and Vitamin A. Also included are your daily dose of Iron and Zinc which are all vital for maintaining good health in pre and post pregnancy. These are a vital one day supplement for both mother and child. They are free from Gluten so that is another big plus to taking these. Getting your daily dose of Folic Acid is vital as it helps prevent to birth defects, helps with your babies brain & spinal cord growth and can help to provide a healthy birth weight of your baby.

Sorvita Prenatal Multivitamin. 60 capsules

Suitable for Vegetarians to take. Including Folic Acid which is vital for helping with your baby’s brain and spinal cord development. With Calcium, Zinc, and Iron which support skin, heart and blood health all the way through pregnancy. Sutable to take when you are trying to get pregnant, whilst you are pregnant and after you have given birth.

Nature’s Present Premium Prenatal Vitamins. 60 capsules

These are perfect for pre-conception, pregnancy and lactation support. All the vitamins you will need are in these supplements along with Calcium and Iron. Made will all natural and non-GMO ingredients they are also sugar-free and antibiotic free. The blend of vitamins and other ingredients help to increase milk production and can help to prevent breast inflammation. They promote a healthy immune system, decrease nausea and ease labor pains.

ONE A DAY Women’s Prenatal Vitamin. 90 soft gel capsules

This is a complete prenatal multivitamin that provides nutritional support for women before, during, and after pregnancy. With key nutrients, like Folic Acid, DHA, Iron, and Calcium all in one single soft gel. Provides 100% of the daily value of Folic Acid and they are Gluten free. There are no artificial sweeteners or artificial flavors and these are free from Wheat and Dairy.

Forte Elements Prenatal Vitamins. 30 servings

Physician formulated to provide nutritional needs for mother and baby. Helps to boost your immune system and adds a boost to your energy levels. Also helps to improve your heart and brain health. Vital nutrients needed for you and your baby. These come in a soft gel capsule so they are easier to swallow than some other supplements.

MegaVibe Folic Acid with Iron. 120 tablets

Safe for Vegetarians to take. No Gelatin is included in these supplements. Great strength and gentle on the stomach and supports a healthy reproductive system. All the nutrients you and your baby are going to need. A high dosage of Folic Acid which is vital for your baby’s brain and spinal cord development. Provides your daily need of Calcium, Iron and Zinc. Gluten-free and non-GMO.

Total Natural Bio Calcium with Vitamin D Supplement. 180 soft gel capsules

To aid in the formation and maintenance of bones, and vitamin D to improve calcium absorption and help calcium stay in the body. These contain easily absorbed calcium and come in a soft gel capsule so they will be easy to swallow. Improving your uptake of Calcium for you and your baby. These help to build a strong skeletal structure for your baby and with strengthening muscle function. Blood pressure regulation will improve for you. Helping with nerve signaling support, and keeping cholesterol levels balanced.

New Chapter Perfect Postnatal Vitamins. 96 capsules

Expertly formulated for new moms, these postnatal vitamins and minerals help to support lactation, energy, and mood. Made with organic vegetables and herbs and unlike a lot of supplements, these can be taken on an empty stomach. Very gentle on the stomach. Providing all the important vitamins and minerals you will need to maintain a healthy body and mind after you have had your baby.

SanaExpert Premium Prenatal Multivitamin. 30 capsules

Natalis Pre contains essential nutrients for both mom and baby, such as Folic Acid, Iron, vitamins, and minerals. It is suitable for the period before pregnancy and until week 12. There are No GMOs, preservatives, or additives and they are full of all natural ingredients. Lactose and Gluten free and they are perfectly safe Vegetarians to take.

UpSpring Baby 30 prenatal tablets and 30 prenatal softgels

Comes in a small size so they are easy to swallow. 100% daily value of 13 essential nutrients need for you and your baby. Gentle on sensitive stomachs and they are free from Gluten. Containing 100 mg of Alpha GPC, a highly bioavailable form of choline that crosses the blood-brain barrier to nourish baby’s developing brain. Iron has been known to cause constipation but these contain a herbal blend of ingredients to aid in digestion.

Advanced Nutrition by Zahler Mighty Mini Prenatal DH. 90 soft gel capsules

Easy to swallow capsules that provide a full spectrum of critical nutrients plus DHA that you and your developing baby require. These capsules contain all of the ingredients you and your baby need which help to support the vision, neural tube, bones, immune system, and mental health function. They use all natural ingredients including the recommended daily dose of Folic Acid and Calcium you and your baby need.

Anabolic Laboratories Prenatal Multi Vitamins. 120 Tablets

Vegetarian safe. Includes the prenatal levels of Folic Acid needed to help with the formation of your baby’s developing brain and spinal cord. Other vital ingredients included are Vitamin C, Vitamin B12 and Vitamin B6. Included is your daily dose of Calcium to aid in lactation and to improve your and your baby’s bone health. It is important to keep your Iron intake up whilst pregnant and you will get all the Iron you need in these vitamins.

Zahler Prenatal DHA, Premium Prenatal Vitamins for Mother and Child. 120 soft gel capsules

Calcium is needed to promote healthy teeth and bones and is especially important in the early development of your baby and with these multivitamins you get all the Calcium you will need. Includes Folic Acid to aid in your baby’s spinal cord and assisting in brain development. Iron is needed to keep your blood levels high. These vitamins contain a balanced synergistic formula that provides a curated compilation of nutrients your developing baby requires in optimal ratios for absorption, metabolism, and safety.

Nature Made Prenatal Multi Vitamins. 150 soft gel capsules

Nature Made offers an easy to swallow liquid softgel prenatal multivitamin with clinically proven absorption of key nutrients to help with daily nutritional support before and during pregnancy. Folic Acid and Iron are in these multivitamins, Folic Acid to aid in the development of your baby’s brain and spinal cord and Iron to keep your blood levels high. These particular vitamins can also help with your baby’s eye development.

Madina Vitamins Prenatal Vitamins with Folic Acid and Zinc. 60 tablets. (3 pack)

A complete multivitamin that is rich in Folic Acid, Zinc, and Iron. These also assist In boosting your immune system and keep you healthy right from the start of your pregnancy and for the duration of your pregnancy. Gelatin free and Gluten free and using only 100% all natural ingredients. Free of artificial colors, additives, preservatives, and flavors. These vitamins do not contain any Soy, Yeast or Shellfish and they are also dairy free.

Seven Seas Pregnancy Multivitamin. 4 weeks supply

Suitable to take through all stages of pregnancy. Packed with the Calcium needed for you and your baby to assist in teeth and bone health. With Folic Acid which plays an important role during the full nine months, such as contributing to normal blood formation & contributing to maternal tissue growth in pregnancy. Seven Seas Pregnancy Multivitamin is a complete pregnancy multivitamin which contains 21 expertly blended vitamin and minerals, which work in harmony with your body, for you and your unborn baby.  Seven Seas Pregnancy Multivitamin is a complete pregnancy multivitamin which contains 21 expertly blended vitamin and minerals, which work in harmony with your body, for you and your unborn baby.

Vitabiotic Pregnacare Plus. 28 capsules. ( 6 pack bundle)

To aid in conception and to help all through pregnancy and with breastfeeding once your baby has arrived. Keeping your calcium levels high and helping to maintain breast health for the duration of your pregnancy. Contains DHA to help support brain and eye development. Providing you with all the Folic Acid your baby needs for healthy spinal cord and brain development.


It is important to look after yourself but it is even more important to look after yourself when you are pregnant. So this list of supplements will help and assist you in providing the best possible start for your baby.

Calcium is vital to our bone and teeth health and giving yourself a boost is always great! And it is especially important that you get your daily dose of Calcium and Folic Acid at least 12 weeks before you conceive.

There can only ever be positive benefits to your health taking these alongside a healthy diet and lifestyle.  And please keep in mind that these are in no way to be treated as a substitute. As always, with anything like this they may be risks so if you are ever unsure then please seek advice from your doctor.

I wish you luck on your journey into motherhood! And I hope either one or all of these will offer some help to you.